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Illuminating Moments, Igniting Joy. Because You're Worth Every Beautiful Moment.

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Discover the heart and soul of Serendipity Candles by Tracey, where each Candle is hand poured with love in the heart of NSW



Welcome to Serendipity Candles by Tracey, where every flicker tells a story of beauty and serenity. Discover handcrafted candles that illuminate the worth of every beautiful moment in your life. Embrace the art of Self Care.

"Serendipity Candles"

Illuminate your moments with elegance and warmth. Discover our exquisite candle collection were every flames tells a story of sophistication and style


Inspired Formulation

At Serendipity Candles by Tracey, our journey begins with inspiration drawn from nature, emotions, and life's beautiful moments. We carefully select high-quality, eco-friendly ingredients to create a base that ensures a clean, even burn. The art of fragrance blending follows, where we meticulously combine essential oils and premium scents, aiming to evoke emotions and transport you to a world of serenity. This formulation process is a delicate dance of creativity and precision, resulting in a harmonious symphony of fragrances.

Artisan Pouring

Our candles are hand-poured with a dedication to artisan craftsmanship. The formulated wax mixture is poured into individual molds, ensuring each candle receives the utmost attention and care. This artisanal approach allows us to create candles with a distinct personality, embodying the essence of our brand – unique, intentional, and crafted with love. As the wax solidifies, it captures the essence of the carefully curated fragrances, ready to release their magic when lit.

Finishing Touches and Quality Assurance

The final step involves adding the finishing touches that make Serendipity Candles truly exceptional. Each candle is inspected for quality, and any imperfections are addressed with a keen eye for detail. Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to our packaging, which is thoughtfully designed to be both beautiful and eco-friendly. Before reaching you, our candles undergo rigorous quality assurance, ensuring that every product that bears the Serendipity Candles by Tracey name meets our high standards for craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Because Your Worth Every Beautiful Moment

Sweet Scents

Serendipty Candles Mission

In a world that often rushes by, I embarked on a heartfelt mission to create more than just scented candles – Serendipity Candles by Tracey was born out of a desire to illuminate lives with moments of serenity and self-care.In a society where hustle and bustle often take precedence, I recognized the paramount importance of self-care. The idea of cherishing oneself in the midst of chaos became the guiding light for SerendipityCandles by Tracey. The store isn't just about selling scented candles; it's a sanctuary for those seeking solace and tranquility.

Embrace the Serenity and Self Care-Because your worth every beautiful moment.

"Candles Dance to the Rhythm of Memories."

Maya Angelou



"These candles have the most amazing layered scents, with base middle and top notes and smell divine burning or not! Japanese Honeysuckle is perfect for Spring I'm really loving this candle at my front door, thanks Tracey!"


"Five stars- my house smells AMAZING. Strawberry Sherbet!"


"Received my first order and I'll be back for more. The scents are long lasting and I love the fact they are Soy based. I had a comment my house smelt so clean!"


"Love the diffuser - While l'm torn between Cherry Blossom and Lime & Coconut. Hubby is pleasantly surprised and like the Lime & Coconut. Can't thank you enough for your friendly fast service. Loving our new scents."


"Love love the smell of driftwood and sea salt! Thank you for my wax melts!"